Bespoke Experience

At Gents & Blokes, our vision of bespoke tailoring is about creating garments that are the unique result of an intimate collaboration between our clients and our craftsmen and artisans.  Each bespoke commission begins with an initial consultation at a time and place of your choosing where you will choose from a carefully curated collection of fabrics produced by only the very best mills from Italy and Great Britain.   Styling designs and intricacies will also be discussed at this initial visit.  Before the conclusion of the appointment, we will record the measurements of your physical form which will be transferred first to drafting paper and then onto the chosen fabric.  

Two weeks after the initial consultation, we will schedule an appointment with you for the first fitting (also known as the basted fitting).  At this stage of the process, the tailors working in our Toronto-based workshop will have cut and baste-stitched the fabric as well as the suitable canvas pieces of the suit together in a skeletal form.  During this appointment, we will discuss with you any fit alterations that would be made, as well as review design details in your final garment.

Two to three weeks from the conclusion of the fitting, where the suit is deconstructed and then reconstructed with the changes applied, we will schedule to meet with you once again for a second fitting.  It is at this point of the process where the overall fit of the suit will be fine tuned, as well as mark the desired location of the buttonholes.  The making of the buttonholes is the very last step of our bespoke process which is followed by the final appointment where you will try on the completed garment approximately two to three weeks after the second fitting. 

Due to the nature of the bespoke process, we ask our clients to generously plan for a ten-week window for the creation of your garment.