Made-to-Measure Offerings

One of our key missions at Gents & Blokes is to affiliate ourselves with the best at what they do.  To this end we've aligned ourselves with a dedicated suit and shirt-making team who has been in business for over thirty-five years. Our made to measure offerings are built from their vast library of patterns, adjusted per our clients' individual needs to recreate a garment that is made uniquely for you.  We offer two lines in our made to measure collection:  Luxe and Classic.


Suits from our Luxe collection features a wide range of customizable options, constructed from a large selection of fabrics ranging from basic plain-weave wool to luxurious fine flannels and cashmere.  Also available are custom separates such as blazers, overcoats, vests and trousers.  

One key feature that is found in our Luxe collection is the full floating canvas construction in the suit jacket.  The full canvas construction is the most traditional as well as the highest quality method in suit-making.  The canvas, usually made of natural fibers such as horsehair and wool, spans the entire length of the front panel of the jacket, from the shoulder seam down to the hem.  The result is a suit that drapes much more naturally, conforms to the body and looks much better.   


To be able to make our Classic Collection as economical as possible, we placed its primary focus on fit.  Concessions had to be made with certain customizable options along with employing a half-canvas construction.  However,  we were not willing to sacrifice the quality of fabric selection.  Therefore, many of the foundation fabrics that should be in all gentleman's wardrobe could also be found in our Classic Collection.